Instantly notified by email and SMS when your website is down

Downtime negatively affects Revenue, Reputation and your Rankings, so let us monitor it.


Website Monitoring

If your website goes down, you will be instantly notified by e-mail and SMS, if you have added the WordPress Secure bolt-on to your package, we will also be notified so we can get on it straight away and fix the issue.


Let us monitor your site, so you can focus on what you do best.

Full Managed Package from £250 per month.


Website uptime check

As soon as there is an issue with your website you will be notified, you will also be notified as soon as the site goes back up.

Malware Detection

Our software frequently scans your website and detects if you have malware on your website, if you do you are instantly notified so you can fix the issue.

Blacklist Monitoring

We frequently check your website against various internet blacklists, if we find you have been penalised anywhere we send you a notification so we can fix the issue right away.