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Located in the heart of the Corn Belt, Indiana produces nearly one billion bushels of corn annually, so it not surprising that corn on the cob is a common sight at the Indiana State Fair. Saying these ears are farm fresh is no exaggeration, since most of the sweet corn served to the tune of 100,000 ears comes from a local farm that picks and delivers to the fair daily. Many of the vendors roast the corn in its husk to keep the kernels tender, then shuck the ears and dip them in butter while they still hot; fairgoers can customize them with garlic salt, lemon pepper, hot sauce, mayonnaise, Parmesan cheese and more.

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Additionally WikiLeaks has repeatedly denied on Twitter that Assange had ever applied for the visa. Get this guy to be a vast beacon of “government transparency”. Encourage everyone to leak you everything they can under the guise of exposing corruption.

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