For the budding entrepreneurs out there looking to take their futures into their own hands and master the world of online marketing, finding courses that are not only free but of substance is half the task. Navigating your way through the internet can sometimes be a minefield when there are just so many choices to consider, so we have decided to save you half the trouble.

In bite size form, you can see we have compiled an easy to digest list of the top ten free online marketing courses available to you. Not only that, we will tell you just why they’re the most used and loved digital platforms for those seeking to get ahead in business. Whether you’re trying to master SEO, become a Google Analytics guru or just gain valid insight into the world of content marketing, there is a course to suit every entrepreneur’s needs.

Perhaps you are asking yourself just why you need to learn about digital marketing and why your business needs to be implementing it… Well, we can tell you now for free that even if you’re not, you can guarantee your competitors will be. Engage with your consumers in ways you wouldn’t be able to if you were just marketing offline and cement that customer loyalty. Not only that, but through online marketing you will not only be attracting new consumers, but also potential investors and partners, allowing your business to prosper further.

Be excited at just what is accessible to you at the touch of your fingers and delve into the world of online marketing and see your business flourish in ways you would never expected possible. Compete against your competitors rather than be beaten by them and familiarise yourself with the ten best free online marketing courses available to you online today!

Do you know of any other great free online resources for online marketers?  Please share your tips with us in the comments below.


About the author

Jack Cairney is the CEO & Founder of Befound (managed SEO software for small businesses)