The website it was linking to (which hasn’t been functional in a long time) had an affiliate agreement in compliance with FTC that the website owner would be receiving compensation for any sales. My practice is to personally try a product before writing a review about it, which is what happened in this case. Since I perceived a slightly positive effect from using this product, I mentioned that in the review.

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wholesale jewelry GLASTONBURY silver charms, CT (WFSB) A woman was arrested after being accused of stealing more than $26,000 worth of jewelry from a real estate open house in Glastonbury earlier this year.Police said Jan. 20, Sharon Lynn Nigosanti, 43, of Deep River, stole jewelry worth $26,249.92 during the open house on Hebron Avenue.Investigators believe Nigosanti and another woman attended multiple high end real estate open houses across the state and stole jewelry from them.She was arrested by Glastonbury police early Monday morning.Court documents show that the homeowner on Hebron Avenue took extra steps and hid three bracelets, two pairs of earrings, five necklaces and two rings in a bedroom closet.Nigosanti visited two other Glastonbury homes that same day, though the owners in those cases never filed a police report.”A second arrest could be coming,” said Glastonbury police Agent James Kenned. “Information shared with other police departments and that how we obtained information to ID her first as a suspect.”Three real estate agents helped identify Nigosanti as the suspect in the thefts.Eyewitness News talked to a local Realtor, who said you can get more than a dozen people visiting an open house, and recommended ways to prevent items from being stolen.”I could see how easily one could kind of divert the Realtor to one area of the home while the other is free to do whatever they were doing,” said Adam Clemens of Clemens and Sons Realty.Clemens said he recommends that his clients take “anything of value” including prescription drugs out of the home being shown.”You really want to watch out for and not have just out and about,” he said.Clemens told Eyewitness News you should also work closely with your Realtor on security measures.In large homes, agents usually work in a team of two to give tours and said they like to keep the groups together at all times wholesale jewelry.