BOISE An inmate armed with a padlock wrapped in a T shirt injured three correctional officers and another inmate Thursday morning at the maximum security prison south of Boise, the Idaho Department of Correction said. In a recreation area of the Idaho Maximum Security Institution. Officials said the officers were hurt when they tried to stop an inmate on inmate assault..

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Also, Sun’s other subsidiary in the US, Caraco, has now become a wholly owned subsidiary. At a meeting in June, shareholders of Caraco Pharmaceutical Laboratories approved resolutions making Caraco a wholly owned subsidiary of Sun Pharma, the company said. And remediation efforts at the Caraco facility in Detroit and the Sun Pharma facility in New Jersey, following US regulatory warnings, are ongoing, it added..

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He might have been going faster, I don know. All I know was I was in the front passenger seat and watching him go more and more off the side of the road and then correct himself and I getting more and more scared. Finally, there a driveway right before the concrete start of a guardrail, he drifts, I see the concrete coming head on and all I could think was “I going to die”.

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