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canada goose black friday sale It has the third cheapest hotel rates (starting around $37 a night), and the cheapest round trip airfare, averaging just $255 in 2015.”Vegas is a good example of value for the money,” Klee said. “Sin City offers discounts and deals for hotels on the strip, as long as you avoid pricier weekend stays.” For example, he said, a Sunday to Thursday booking in mid March is often as much as 50 percent to 80 percent cheaper than a Thursday to Sunday booking that same week.The main drawback to Vegas is its high number of visitors; in March, Sin City usually gets around 3.6 million visitors, many of whom will be there during popular spring break weeks. Las Vegas spring breakers can save a bit by walking, however, as the price per mile for taxis is more expensive here than in most of the spring break destinations surveyed.Hotel does canada goose have black friday sales for 6 nights: $118Airfare and taxis: $451Food and drink: $360″If snowboarding is more your jam, Lake Tahoe is a fine spot for winter sports and gambling (on the Nevada side),” said Klee canada goose black friday sale.