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uk canada goose outlet Teflon found to contain cancer riskTeflon and other non stick substances contain a compound that the Environmental Protection Agency in the United States has warned may cause cancer and birth defects.The US regulator has now moved to stop the use of the chemical by manufacturers in the US.But The World Today has obtained a copy of an official Australian Government report showing this country has the second highest recorded levels of the chemical, behind the United States.And as Tom Iggulden reports, there are now calls for the Australian Government to ban the chemicals immediately.(Sound of food cooking in a frying pan)TOM IGGULDEN: As the weekend approaches and with it the traditional Sunday morning fry up, you might want to think again about sizzling your bacon and eggs in your non stick frypan.Teflon and other non stick substances canada goose outlet mississauga use a type of chemical called perfluorochemicals. They’re also used to make stain resistant clothing and a host of other canada goose womens uk domestic products.Dr Mariann Lloyd Smith, an advisor to the National Toxic Network, which lobbies government on the issue of toxic chemicals, says there’s research to show perfluorochemicals may lead to cancer and birth defects.MARIANN LLOYD SMITH: They are canada goose coats on sale pretty much impossible to get rid of. And that is their big problem: buy canada goose jacket their persistency, their ability to bioconcentrate up the food chain, or bioaccumulate in humans, and their ability to travel in water and air across the globe uk canada goose outlet.