Kind old people and cruel old people. Kind people in wheelchairs and cruel people in wheelchairs. By your logic, only the kindness of the most physically fit and/or powerful people in the world “counts,” which is nonsense and only goes to show how desperate you are to justify your anti woman positions.

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beach dresses Thinking about getting a dress from an etsy store in China. There’s a disclaimer “Buyers are responsible for any customs and import taxes that may apply. I not responsible for delays due to customs.” I’ve seen some forum posts for getting dresses from US/China got UK but not for coming into the USA. beach dresses

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cheap swimwear The excuse is used less once the person starts to exercise. That is because they realize that exercise provides them with more energy. A lack of exercise can cause you to feel tired more often. You salute and pledge yourself before sport games and major events and nobody bats an eye. It seriously some nazi north Korean shit and nobody wants to acknowledge it. For fucks sake the hitler salute was a popular salute in the United States until WWII when we figured we probably shouldn have our kids “Heil Ing” our flags every morning cheap swimwear.