buy canada goose jacket cheap Clement, near the Colosseum in Rome, is built on top of an ancient Mithraeum.The list goes on, and I’ll admit it’s a bit unsettling.That why the accusations that Christians “stole” the Resurrection from the Pagans is so popular and rhetorically powerful.If, as many Christians claim, Christianity’s against the odds success is in some way proof of its authenticity and truth, then what does it say that parts of its truth were stolen from religious movements that no longer exist?Spiritual “Manifest Destiny” looks less persuasive when extinct religious traditions supplied the backbone for the modern day Church.But there areways around some of these problems. Jesus, in contrast, was divine before his death, according to Christian theology.Also, some of the parallels between the traditions come from a later period (post Christianity) or are completely unsubstantiated. The arguments about Mithras and Jesus, for example, have completely fallen apart in the past 50 years because there simply isn’t enough ancient evidence to support them.We should also ask whether the fishermen who followed Jesus around Palestine would have known about (much less adopted) stories from ancient Egyptians and Babylonians.Greek and Roman mythology circulated widely on coins, but would the followers of Jesus who first claimed that Jesus was resurrected have known these stories in great detail?On the other hand, many Christians claim that Jesus’ death and resurrection is subtly different from that of other ancient deities and, thus, that the resurrection of Jesus was a wholly new idea.The problem is, these apologists are one archeological discovery away from disaster. buy canada goose jacket cheap

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