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Citation Service

From the point of view of Google or other search engines, what these listings and citations provide is a reinforcement of your company’s position within a specific local community.


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What's a citation?

Citations are listings of your business name and address on websites.
An example of a citation might be a local directory where your business is listed, your website does not have to be listed for it to be a citation. So search engines take these listings as clear indications that the details they have about your business are accurate, reliable and relevant to users in your area.

Why are they useful?

The reason that these kind of citations are useful is that they serve to strengthen your online presence as far as search engines are concerned and they reinforce your position as a local business that’s part of a particular community.  If other factors are equal, businesses with a greater number of citations will more than likely rank better than businesses with less.

How can business use citations?

An underlying aim when it comes to citations is to establish listings of your company’s details on a healthy variety of websites and online locations.  The idea is that there should be a fairly extensive array of places where your potential customers might find information about your business, the services it provides and where it is primarily located.

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