Are a great costume for the family, Barr said. Dad and the kids can all dress in costume and be a zombie family. Claims to have predicted the incoming president each election year since 1996, based upon which candidate mask has higher sales. Coburn Dukehart / Wisconsin Center for Investigative Journalism Chuck Ripp troubleshoots a machine in the milking parlor at his farm, Ripps Dairy Valley, in Dane, Wis. He says he works long hours at the farm, which he co owns with his brothers Gary and Troy. The dairy relies heavily on Hispanic workers.

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I not going to say it was out of character, but I just know that what he likes to do. At that time, I didn think it was necessary. But Miller said Broncos players had no issue with Thomas over the jersey swap with Douglas.. In retaliation for what they viewed as unfair treatment, the workers walked out and production came to a standstill. In sympathy to their cause, The American Railway Union, led by Eugene V. Debs refused to haul railroad cars made by the company.

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Shorts with tube socks This is even worse than socks with sandals. Nothing makes us lose our lunch faster than a dude with his chicken legs sticking out of a pair of awkwardly short shorts, girded to the mid calf with white tube socks. We suppose if you’re going for that “still live in your parents’ basement” look that’s all the rage amongst many IT professionals, go for it.

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