For everyone else 2/3 is enough, for Harden he has to have 3/3. 7 points submitted 6 days agoHumans are notoriously bad at shit like this. I not a fan of all the spreadsheet fans basketball has these days, but stats are incredibly useful to confirm/reject what you think you are seeing sometimes.

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cheap yeti tumbler Especially in my promos.I lost 2 games due this bug. The first time, my PC just frozen at 30 minutes and after losing it, it didn even give me the server warning about the error. Only after the second time, that I entered here to see this post explain what was going on.EUNE here, the issue might actualy be client side due to some bad exception handling and/or processing of system failure (segfault or page fault) because: It usually happens at around the same time (16 20 minutes) (implying it might be caused by some buffer overflowing, for example) It creates a system failure message, rather than server not responding (you most likely see the “attempting to reconnect” prompt if that were the case).I heard that League has the game foundation written in C, so critical failures due to accessing memory that doesn belong to your program can be caused just by some simple “off by one” mistake in the code.EDIT: Tried checking the logs. cheap yeti tumbler

I was constantly craving a baby. I got selfishly frustrated when my then boyfriend brother got his girlfriend pregnant, when boyfriend and I had been together longer than them. I get annoyed when people I went to school with got babies but not me. It a hypothetical point. If you positioned yourself in orbit, and remained motionless such that you are beyond the forces of all other objects, and you measured the velocity of the earth yeti cup, you would measure that it has moved. Even if you moved at the same velocity, you wouldnt measure it to be moving yeti cup, yet it is anyway because billions of years ago forces acted on the planet to cause motion.

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cheap yeti cups Because road courses are longer and slower tracks yeti cup, lapped cars are rarer, and there weren’t any at the time (other than Busch). A series of caution flags allowed Busch to get all the lost laps back. There are many critics of this rule, but so far, it remains in place cheap yeti cups.